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There are 2+ people in my group, do we both have to register? 
Only one person is responsible for registration, but you can have up to 6 total people on stage.
Can I perform at more than one show?
Yes, please register for each show separately. If you would like to travel with us, please contact for information on Tour Packages.
How often do you have shows?
With the on-going pandemic, we plan on host only 10-20 shows in 2021.
What type of equipment do I need to bring?
You do not need to bring any equipment, unless you are using a special instrument. We provide the DJ, all sound equipment, and 2-3 microphones. 
Do I need to bring a DJ?
You will need to use The Showcase Tour's official DJ, he helps keep the show on schedule.
Is there a headliner?
There is not a headliner; this is a showcase for upcoming talent.
Can I sell merchandise?
Yes you can sell your own merchandise at the show.
What time will I perform?
The lineup will be posted at check-in and you can see your time slot when you arrive at the venue. If you have a time preference, you'll have the option to select your time-frame.
Are there any special rules or requirement?
Please make sure to take care of the equipment - do not break it. Also, be sure you check for age restrictions for the show. If there is an age limit, you will need a valid ID to enter the venue.