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Want To Go On Tour?

5-City Tour Package Now Available!

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10:00 Minute Set At 5 Showcases

50 Tickets To Each Showcase To Sell For Your Profit

DJ Provided For Your Set

Custom Tour Flyer

1 Artist Pass

Travel Provided City To City

1 Bed In A Hotel Room

Bring 1 Suitcase + 1 Backpack

Sell Your Merchandise At Shows

Tour Dates Coming Soon


How old do you have to be?
You  need to be at least 18 years old by the time of the tour.
How will you choose the artists for the tour?
Artists can apply for a Tour Package at the bottom of this page. Artists will be given the option to put down a deposit to reserve their spot on tour (Only 10 Spots Available). Artists that put down a deposit will be first priority, and their applications will be reviewed first. If an application is denied, Artist would receive a full refund of deposit.
What is included in the Tour Package?
The 5-City Tour Package includes: 10:00 minute set at 5 showcases, 50 tickets to each showcase (you keep all ticket sales money), DJ for your set, 1 custom tour flyer, 1 Artist Pass, travel provided to each showcase, 1 bed each night in a hotel, room for 1 suitcase & 1 backpack, insurance, ability to bring & sell your own merchandise, state-of-the-art venues with professional sound and lighting, featured on The Showcase Tour social media pages.
How much does it cost?
The cost of a 5-City Tour Package is $1,200 per person. (Was $1,875 per person)
Where will we sleep? How will we travel?
The Showcase Tour owns 2 tour vehicles, we will be taking 5 artists in each vehicle, along with our staff. You will travel in a tour van from city to city and stay in a hotel room each night. The hotel room will have 2 beds, you will be rooming with another artist of your choice. Travel and hotel is included in the cost of this Tour Package, the only other thing you need to pay for is food; we recommend bringing at least $200 for food.
Can my whole group come? Can I bring a hype man?
We have very limited availability, so each person would have to pay $1,200 to travel with The Showcase Tour.
What cities will I be touring? And when?
You will be able to choose your tour cities/region once all tour dates are announced. We will be announcing tour dates once this pandemic ends & the world gets back to normal. The Showcase Tour will be one of the first tours on the road once we're given the green light.
Where will I be picked up and dropped off?
You'll be assigned a pick-up & drop-off location based on your tour region. You will be able to choose your region once the dates are announced. Our shows are in major cities with plenty of transportation (planes, trains, buses, Uber). We do not pay for your travel to/from the pick-up/drop-off locations at the beginning and end of your tour.
Can we set up a payment plan to pay for the Tour Package?
Yes! After you apply below, you will be given the option to put down a deposit and start a payment plan! If your application is denied, you will receive a full refund.

Now $1,200 (Was $1,875)

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